Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The story of the rusty skates

Melody: Oh man, Debbie, these look familiar! I can't ever see a pair w/o thinking about needing stitches:

Debbie: Me either...but they were fun!!

(Bill's daughter) Jennifer: We had those also!

Melody: So, Debbie and I have a story with those, Jenn. Deb found some in our shed. She was 16 and I was 7 (or was she 15 and I was 6?). Butch had recently moved out, and mom was cleaning his room. Debbie strapped them on. The wheels were kind of rusty and didn't spin as well as they should have, so she told me to push her, so I did.
I pushed her from the edge of the carport toward the house, she'd catch herself on the screen door (that had storm windows still in it) and then I'd push her to the edge of the carport and back again. On the last push from the edge of the carport toward the house, her foot caught on the door mat and she slammed into the glass on the screen door. She put her arm up to protect her face (she has a wishbone shaped scar on her forearm from it) and broke through the window. Lots of blood and lots of stitches for that (plus a couple on her chin - was there stitches on your nose too, Deb? or just a cut? I felt sooooo guilty for years, and I still feel badly about it. So she says they were fun; I think they are evil.

Debbie: Just a cut with a steri-strip on the nose. I don't know why you ever felt guilty, I was the one who asked you to push me. It was one of those freak accidents. I would do it again in a heartbeat...just maybe not might a storm door.

Melody: I felt guilty b/c I was little and I did something to hurt you. Mom and dad raced around helping you, and even after mom and you had left for the hospital, dad didn't talk to me. I thought he was mad at me. Even though I can see now that he was probably worried and didn't want to talk about it, or he was in the middle of something else, basically his silence had nothing to do with me, but since it was all filtered through a little kids brain, and even though I've grown up, since I felt the feelings that I did as a little girl, b/c they are the ones I remember.
Crazy I know. I still think those skates are evil though.

Debbie: I can understand that thinking. It really freaked dad out. I don't know if you remember but he was the first one to get to me. I remember him yelling Ida and I could tell he was terrified. I know I would be too though if my child's head was through and resting on glass. I'm sorry that you felt like it was your fault. How about if we find a pair and I can push you in them, then you can see how much fun they are? . We could take turns and have a good laugh!!

Melody: Oh hell no!! LOL But I did go to (the skating rink) as a teen and w/ my kids. I can't have anyone touch me while I'm skating or I fall! LOL

Debbie: I love to roller skate! I haven't done it for a few years but I loved doing it!

Melody: I haven't gone for a while either. The last time we went was when Michael was still little enough to push around in an umbrella stroller.

I was going to type up the whole scenerio in more of a story form, but I thought the back and forth dialog from facebook was perfect :)
♥ Melody

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