Thursday, February 13, 2014

Turquoise Blue

So after a week or two of talking with him, dancing with him, and feeling a mixture of excitement and panic at meeting someone I thought I could actually be with, I decided to figure this thing out once and for all. I invited him to go for a Sunday drive up to my favorite canyon; I was determined that at the end of the date, either I would hate him or he would love me - there was no room for anything in the middle in my mind; I simply didn’t have time for it.

So, I invited him and he agreed, but he said that he needed to be back in time for a fireside at 7. That was fine with me.

I don’t remember if he drove or I did, though it seems that he did. We drove until the road ended in construction, and then we took a walk.

As we walked down a dirt path, he stopped and observed a turquoise blue caterpillar. I was surprised; most men I’d known wouldn’t have even noticed it, let alone stop to admire it for a moment - that was something I would do. Huh. Point in his favor.

We walked and talked and came to a spot close by the river. I noticed a moth close to the water or possibly in it. I couldn’t tell if it was still alive or if it was already dead, and it was far enough out that we couldn’t reach it well, so I tossed a rock to see if it would fly away, but it didn’t - it was already dead. He tossed a rock on top of it, and it disappeared in the water; “Burial at sea.”

Then, it was 6 o’clock, time to head back. I told him that we should be getting back so that he could make it in time for his fireside. He smiled and said that it wouldn’t be necessary - the fireside was on “Finding your Eternal Companion”. He said that one thing he needed to learn to do, though, was to properly give his arm to a lady to walk with him. So I taught him.

The story could end very pleasingly right there, but there’s more.

As we were driving back to my place, he told me that someday someone was going to fall for me hard. I thought in my mind, “Why not you?” (He later admitted that he already had.)

We both were in college back then, and he was taking a creative writing class. For an assignment, he wrote a poem about that walk and the turquoise blue caterpillar.
Perfect :)

(Written by Steve in September 1995)

we talk as we drive
heading for the mountains
sunny sunday afternoon
a chance to taste the air

we talk as the road
narrows and twists into dirt
the pavement is gone
like inhibitions

we discover as we talk
that you and I think
alike in many ways
we take the dirt road

a drive to discover.
my car is not built for dirt
which makes it even more fun

finally a stream, no people
or fences around. We park and
get out to walk, still talking

the stream cheerfully calls
I hold out my hand to help
you cross. your hand in mine.

we laugh, almost fall,
still talking
about life

I see a turquoise caterpillar
a lost piece of jewelry
sitting in the dust

I stoop to show you
we stop walking
still talking
and examine it with wonder

further up the dusty path
the stream runs quick, then stops
a still pool between two rapids
protected, surrounded by rocks.

a moth lands in the water.
yes I'm afraid it's gone.
it's floating on top, but
don't they die once the wings get wet?

you toss a pebble beside it
-maybe it will fly off.
but no, it is dead.

I toss a pebble on it
honorable burial at sea
(actually at small pond,
but we laugh anyway)

the sun warmed rock intensify
the heat of the afternoon
a squirrel moves, it jerks
and starts. Hiding on the rock.

it's time to go, we walk
and talk, and head back to my car
I offer you my arm
you take it

the setting sun is blinding
as we drive out of the canyon
glare hides the road
behind my dusty windshield
"are we still on it?"
I ask in jest.

the conversation is easy
we agree on most things,
and can disagree on others,
but it's ok.
the silence also is easy
enjoying our company

twilight hides the glaring sun
as we now drive on smoother pavement.

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