Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. Beaver Comes to Lunch

It had all the makings of a gorgeous day: outside the sky was blue, the grass was green, the bubbling brook was making soothing gurgly noises, the birds were singing, cicadas were chirping; inside the kids were playing a game nicely together. I couldn't have asked for anything more!

As I was looking out the window I spotted him: a little critter resembling a beaver with a bushy tail came prancing down the lane, over the bridge, and down our sidewalk. So cute was he, in all of his furry cheerfulness.

My mind turned back to such stories of Beatrix Potter's Peter Cottontail, Benjamin Bunny, and all of the rest of the little animal friends from my childhood and my children's present life.

Everything combined together to make "right now" simply perfect.

I called Steve and the children over and we smiled as we watched him make his way toward the house as though coming for a lunch date. So cute. So happy. So perfect.

And then it happened.

Our three dogs that had been off playing somewhere in the fields came tearing over the lawn, each from different directions. One grabbed Mr. Beaver's back left leg, the other his right, while another lunged for his throat. Within seconds, our fairy book story was shattered and we stood watching "National Geographic" instead.

The children screamed. I covered my mouth in horror. Steve's jaw dropped. We simply couldn't believe what we'd seen! Poor Mr. Beaver! Mr. Beaver, who had desired to come to lunch had become lunch instead.

At least I'd been able to save that possum...

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